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Doctor High Five

Online Support 網絡聯繫我們

How Can We Help?如果您需要預約幫助或者其他非醫療諮詢信息,請您留言,我們的工作人員會儘快給你回覆。


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At the Office

Telephone Appointment booking Only for those who are unable to use online booking.   電話預約服務 本電話預約旨意服務於不方便使用網絡預約的人士。慎用本服務,請關照其他更有需要的人。

07721891152  Please call to reserve your NON URGENT appointment by leave your name, contact number and reasons to seek assistance. Our team member will contact you with suitable appointment time as soon as possible. 

Note: this number is not manned, and nor can provide any medical assistance.

If you do have an medical emergency, please dial 999 or visit your local A&E 

If you concern someone's safety or yourself feel like to talk to someone urgently, please ring Samaritans on 116 123 

請您撥打電話號碼 07721891152  預約非緊急醫療及心理諮詢服務,請在語音信箱接通後留下您的姓名,聯繫電話以及需要看診的原因。我們的工作人員會儘快和您取得聯繫並提供合適的預約時間段。溫馨提示:本號碼為錄音電話,不能為您提供醫療信息。如果您遇到緊急事態需要幫助請務必撥打999或者前往當地的急救部門尋求幫助。如果您覺得絕望無助,困惑抑鬱或者您當心身邊人的安危,請撥打撒瑪利亞人24小時熱心人服務電話 116 123 

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